Exploring the world

As a kid growing up on a mid-west dairy farm, we worked seven days a week doing the normal chores. Spring, summer, and fall were the busy seasons of planting and tending crops until harvest time. We paid a hiredhand to tend to the cattle as our family traveled mostly to visit a relative and stay at their house.

After getting married and having a daughter it made it harder to travel because of the cost. We became like my parents and only traveled to see relatives for a free place to stay.

There is nothing wrong with relatives, but as I get older, I have fewer relatives living and especially not in the areas I want to explore.

In 2019 I had my first career where I could work from home which made traveling easier to do because I could travel and work from where ever we were staying without using paid time off (PTO). I would work from the beach, a coffee shop, or where ever I could find an internet connection and a comfy chair.

During the Covid pandemic, my wife and I decided to call it quits after 15 years and state our divorce like celebrities calling it "Irreconcilable differences". My daughter went to live with her mom in Missouri to be closer to her cousins and the colder weather. I on the other hand used my newfound freedom to buy an RV to live in full-time and focus on traveling more. Who knows where life will take me next but I am up for an adventure! Here is a pic of my RV and Truck.

Truck pulling an Outback RV trailer

This is my blog about all things working from anywhere, be it an RV, Van, Hotel, apartment/house or just out in nature. Get out and explore this beautiful world.

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